David was an ATV daytime out-of-vision announcer (1970s) who also presented a show for BRMB Radio in Birmingham. David went on to become head of presentation at ATV’s successor, Central Television in 1986 and remained in that role until Carlton Television took over in the mid-1990s. He now lives in Andalucia.

David told Showreel: “The regular daytime announcer was Peter Davies, an old friend with whom I’d worked in BBC local radio in Leicester. When he was on leave, or there were other gaps in the roster, I would fill in from sign-on at 9.25am (no breakfast telly then) until 6pm, when the evening announcer (usually Kevin Morrison or Peter Tomlinson) came on duty. Daytime was out-of-vision, which suited me fine! 9.25am to 12 noon was schools programmes which ATV networked to the rest of ITV, so suddenly I was speaking to the nation! Frightening stuff! After the shift, I’d scoot off and do my radio programme. I have to say that working at ATV was wonderful, and a part of my career which I treasure.”


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