Barry was a pioneer of regional broadcasting in the West Midlands. He presented the first edition of Midlands Today on 28th September 1964 and six years later he was the first voice on Radio Birmingham. He joined the BBC in October 1955 as a studio manager and one of his roles was providing sound effects for The Archers. He introduced the programme by telling “the story so far…” for ten years from 1960. He was a BBC Radio announcer (1959 – 1960), presenter for BBC Midlands (1959 – 1960 and 1964) and relief BBC TV newsreader (1959 – 15th June 1963). Later he was a commentator/producer for BBC Radio Birmingham and Radio WM.


Paul R Jackson corresponded with Barry whilst at Radio WM in March 1982: “In the early 60s, I stood in for various newsreaders while they were on holiday, at Alexandra Palace, although I never left the staff. I was asked to do so but I didn’t and indeed I am still a member of the BBC staff. In fact I was filling in for Barry McQueen’s position and as I didn’t accept the offer to leave the staff, Corbett Woodall took my place. He was at that time a ‘contract’ newsreader. So I came back to Birmingham and continued doing radio and television until 1970, when the whole of the BBC in the regions changed. I lost my job and eventually I finished up as a producer on the then BBC Radio Birmingham, producing all sorts of programmes and indeed being the first rugby and cricket commentator on the station. Eventually I specialised in music and the arts, whatever that means! I am still on the staff, and am still a producer in what is now called Radio WM. I wasn’t invited to the 25th anniversary of Television News in 1979 – one tends to get forgotten out in the sticks, as we say.”

Barry died in 2010, aged 75.


Personal Information

Date of Birth: 24th December 1934
Date of Death: 7th February 2010
Age: 75
Honours: Not Applicable

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