Noel was an announcer on RTÉ One and RTÉ Network 2 from 1988 until the mid-1990s. He also worked as a newsreader on RTÉ 2FM during 1992.

C. 1994, Noel spent a year fronting the in-vision junctions on RTÉ One’s daytime service; these segments included interviews with studio guests on a wide range of topics. He also worked on the RTÉ daytime magazine programme Live at 3, filling in for Derek Davis once a week for one year.

In 1997, Noel moved to the Irish News Network (INN), presenting radio news bulletins. In January 2005, he was appointed evening editor at INN.


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Noel closes down RTÉ One in November 1995.

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Noel Fogarty presenting one of the daytime in-vision continuity links on RTÉ One in 1994.

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TX Date: 11th October 1994.
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