Natalie gained a degree in journalism with distinction and then backpacked around the world for a while (before the days of e-mail, iPad or mobile phone).  She worked as a staff announcer with the BBC from 1997 until 2004, mainly live on BBC Two.  Since March 2015, she has been a freelancing voice on both BBC One and BBC Two.  Natalie was also the first female voice on BBC Knowledge and BBC Choice, and went on to become the BBC’s first freelance announcer.

She later worked the red carpets as a showbiz reporter for BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat (2004 – 2006) and in February 2004 joined ITV, where she became one of the main live network announcers on ITV 1.  She remained in that role until November 2008.  Her voice launched ITV 3 at 9pm on 1st November 2004 and she’s also announced on ITV 2.  She also worked on promotions on the Men and Motors channel.  She was the voice of the ITV phone system and has also freelanced as an announcer for Sky and Channel 4 (2010 – 2013).

Natalie was the voice of Living TV.  She also worked for Discovery, helping launch their new channel TLC.  Since 2016, she has voiced and written for Animal Planet and another new channel, Quest Red.

Since January 2008, Natalie has been a ZSL Zoo presenter, giving talks on animals at ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoo.  She has starred in a six-part Sky Atlantic documentary called Jews on Bikes – riding across the East coast of North America on a Harley!

Her hobbies/achievements include: salsa; tango; Thai boxing; global travel and adventure; fencing; judo; voluntary work for the RSPCA, hand-rearing lion and hyena cubs in Africa; rehabilitating orangutans in Borneo; completing the London Marathon; climbing mountains, glaciers and volcanoes; devil-dancing; riding ostriches; bathing elephants; flying a stunt-plane; parachuting, paragliding and parasailing; plus two bungee jumps live on air!


Paul R. Jackson corresponded with Natalie in September 2017 and asked how she had joined BBC Presentation: “I answered an ad for the original position and I remember walking into the hallowed halls of TVC for my interview and being totally overwhelmed by its history.  I was so sure I’d never get such an amazing job that I think I came over as quite relaxed.  I remember after posting my application at a letterbox in Camden Town – I used to touch it for luck every day until I heard back from them!  I started the day after Princess Diana died so I’ve been at the Beeb on and off for exactly 20 years!!”


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