Peter was born in July 1963.  He joined the BBC in November 1985 as an assistant sound recordist, BBC TV.  He worked in post-production for a wide variety of programmes, including many long-running series such as Miss Marple, Bergerac and Lovejoy.  His distinctive voice has been heard announcing on BBC One and BBC Two since January 1991 (staff until December 2010 and freelance since 2011).  Peter made a reference to moving on to pastures new after 20 years before the film on 31st December 2010 on BBC One.  But he would soon return to BBC One and BBC Two.  He was also a regular voice on UK Gold (c. 2000 – 2004) and on Sky Arts 2 (January 2012 – June 2015).  Since 2002, he has been director of Speech Marks Ltd.


Paul R. Jackson corresponded with Peter in October 2017 and began by saying how much he had enjoyed listening to his distinctive voice, as it reminded him of the classic BBC announcers that he enjoyed for many years, including David Allan, Peter Bolgar, Peter Brook, Andy Cartledge, Martin King, Roger Maude and Richard Straker:  “Thank you for your kind words.  I consider myself very fortunate to have worked as announcer with the great names you mention.  Indeed, I was trained by most of them!  As you are aware, some are sadly no longer with us which is a real shame but I do keep in contact with a few of the old team.  Of course, I have seen The TV Room over the years and I commend you for your efforts in trying to collate all the information.”

What About Colleagues – Past and Present? We’ve Been Having Trouble Tracking Down Some Individuals

Mark Develin was a great character but left in the very early 90s.  Ben Edwards was only with us for a short time before heading to Channel 4.  Lovely Rachel Robertson went to Australia and became a mum.  I did hear she was in London last year but I’m not sure if it was just a visit or she’d returned.  Reg [Sanders] went to Manchester and runs his own company working on digital TV production.  I still see Steph [Bower] around the Broadcast Centre occasionally as she works for UKTV as well as ITV.  Cathy Stewart trained me!  She had a wonderful voice but hated the shifts, so again left in the very early 90s.  Last I heard of Andy Taylor he was answering 999 calls in Brighton.  Another great character, sadly missed.  I’m sure you know of Sasha’s [Twining] career?   She has done really well on-screen and off.  I think she has a show on Radio Solent?  Jane Westrop is a great friend and a private person.”

Did You Go Freelance in 2010? Any Memorable Career Moments?

“I joined the BBC in 1985 as a sound recordist and then became announcer in January 1991.  I did indeed leave the staff to go freelance on New Year’s Eve 2010 – my own choice.  As for major events, well, there are quite a few.  Contrary to your attached list, I’m sure it was me who made the last announcement over the balloons before the idents changed, as I was criticised by a certain website for not making more of the event, even though I’d been told not to.  I was also on for the death of Pope John Paul II (2nd April 2005) and the night Terry Waite and John McCarthy returned to the UK after being held captive (August 1991).  But I guess the most notable – I started almost the day the first Gulf War broke out!  A baptism of fire I can tell you!”


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Peter Offer apologies for sound problems on the film She Devil in May 1996.

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Peter Offer closing down BBC One in 1997.

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