This page offers an alternative method of perusing our talent profile content.  By selecting values from the three categories below, you can generate a dynamic list of profile pages.

For example, you might wish to see a list of all the Continuity Announcers (Job Role) who also have an association with BBC One Network (Channel).  It should be noted that this list will not necessarily be a definitive list of all the continuity announcers on BBC One Network; the list may also include continuity announcers who have worked for other channels but who appeared on BBC One Network in a job role other than continuity announcer.

We have also created a set of predefined lists of announcers and presenters. You can peruse those lists on a separate page HERE.

Clicking on any of the values within the three categories (below) will generate a list of relevant links to profile pages.  You may select more than one value from a category, by pressing the CTNL button and clicking on a value.

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