Pamela was a continuity announcer/director with BBC Northern Ireland (October 2001 – October 2010).  She then moved to a creative marketing producer role, creating (and occasionally voicing) programme and campaign trails for BBC One/Two Northern Ireland.

Kay is a presenter on BBC Midlands Today and has been with the programme since 1974.  She was one of the main presenters on the programme until the late-1990s.  Kay now covers breakfast and lunchtime shifts mostly.

As a freelance, she also works on corporate videos and provides voiceovers.

Keith was a news presenter with TVS.  When Meridian took over the southern ITV franchise, he moved to BBC Look North at BBC North East in Newcastle.

Keith is currently a senior reporter for BBC Look North.

Former Central News (South) reporter and presenter.  Cathy also presented the news on the now defunct satellite broadcaster BSB in 1990.  She currently presents and reports for Meridian Tonight.