Linda was a BBC Radio 2 announcer (1981 – 1982) and a BBC TV network announcer (1982 – 1983). She also worked as a Channel 4 and TVS announcer (late-1980s). She voiced BBC TV programme trails (1988).

Pamela’s broadcasting career started off in radio: she read the news on Downtown Radio in the early 1980s. She also presented on BBC Radio Ulster. Pamela’s first appearance on Ulster Television – as a continuity announcer – was in 1984. As part of the announcer’s role, she also read the news.

She left the announcing team around the start of the new franchise period in 1993 and went on to co-anchor the station’s main news programme. She presented the lifestyle and leisure programme UTV Life (1999 – 2009). In May 2009, Pamela returned to UTV’s continuity department, after seventeen years. As well as the announcing role, she was also a relief weather presenter. A year later, her staff contract with the station was not renewed. Press reports claimed UTV had told Ballantine that her role was no longer available and had offered her freelance work which she later accepted.

Pamela continues to freelance at the station and act in an ambassador role. Since 2016, she has presented the new incarnation of UTV Life.

Oliver has been a continuity announcer on Turner Classic Movies, BBC America, Sci-Fi Channel and The History Channel. He has also voiced trails for television including BBC, ITV, Sky, UKTV Gold and Zone Thriller.

Alex was a BBC TV in-vision network announcer (1955 – 1961). He later contributed to many BBC programmes, including periods as a regional presenter on Come Dancing (BBC TV/BBC One, 1957 – 1966, 1968 – 1972). His voice was heard on the very first advert for Gibbs SR Toothpaste shown at 8.12pm on the opening night of ITV on 22nd September 1955.

He presented the London area news magazine Town and Around (1961). He was a BBC TV relief newsreader (March 1961). Later he worked for an Australian TV company in Sydney and eventually retired to Norfolk and became a very good portrait painter.

Martin started off in broadcasting as a television announcer with BBC Northern Ireland in the 1960s. From there he moved to London and gradually moved up through the ranks of TV presentation, before moving into programme production.

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