Gordon was an announcer on Scottish Television (1961 – 1973). He then became a transmission controller. He left STV in 1992 to join BBC Scotland, where he was a radio announcer and newsreader. Gordon also sat in the television announcer’s chair at BBC Scotland on a few occasions. He left BBC Scotland in 2000.

Carole was a Border TV announcer and newsreader (mid-1990s). She then moved to BBC Scotland TV, taking on a continuity director/announcer role there. She also lectures in media at Ayr.

Paul worked as a continuity announcer/director for BBC Scotland (2000 – December 2002) before moving to London to become a member of the ITV 1 network announcing team. His voice was also heard occasionally on ITV 2. Paul has also worked for several radio stations, including The Eagle, Star and BBC Radio Scotland.

John obtained a BA (Hons) in communication, cultural studies and public media from the University of Leeds. He also has a post-graduate diploma in broadcast journalism, from City University, London and a Masters degree in modern European studies, from London Metropolitan University.

John’s broadcasting career began in 1991 with the BBC; he was a newsreader and producer with BBC Radio Sussex and BBC Radio Surrey.

In 1992, he made the switch to television, presenting and reporting for Yorkshire TV’s early morning (GMTV) and evening news programmes. John returned to radio in 1993, newsreading and writing for Classic FM. He went back to the BBC in 1994, presenting and producing for the BBC World Service.

In 1997, he took up a position as a network TV announcer with BBC TV; his voice was heard on BBC One, BBC Two and BBC Choice. From 1999, he switched to the announcer’s booths at UK Gold and BBC World TV.

It was back to radio again in 2001; John became an announcer for the BBC World Service (Education Network). In 2004, he switched to presenting: initially for the English programme for China; and then in 2005, he began presenting the live, daily ‘BBC Xtra’ English programme, heard on BBC Arabic.

John tells us that he is an enthusiastic pro-European…and Finland lover!

Lesley was an in-vision continuity announcer and newsreader at Border Television (1980s) and also at Tyne Tees Television.

Caroline was briefly a TSW announcer before moving to Anglia as an announcer. She progressed to front the main evening Anglia News in the west of the region.

Other TV credits: About Anglia (ITV Anglia); Take It On (ITV Anglia).

Frank was a BBC Wales TV continuity director/announcer (1970s – 1990s). He then switched to freelance voiceover work, for TV documentaries and educational programmes.