Jane was a continuity announcer with BBC Scotland TV (1986) and could also be seen reading the news in-vision at lunchtime. She then moved to Channel 4, where she worked on the announcing rota in the late-1980s and during the 1990s. In more recent times, as well as being the voice of Orange, Jane also provides continuity announcements for UKTV History.

Vivien was a Central TV announcer and newsreader (early 1980s). She was also a daytime continuity announcer for Thames TV and Anglia TV at about the same time.

In 1983, she had a spell as a BBC TV network announcer. She was a presenter on BBC Radio 2 (1980), and also an announcer there (1980 – 1982). She also appeared as relief weather presenter on BBC TV’s Breakfast Time (1988). She was also one of the voices on BBC TV’s Points of View (1988 – TBC).

Linda was a Central TV continuity announcer, often seen presenting Central Morning Supplement along with announcer colleagues Helen Lloyd, Simon Willis and Gary Terzza.

Kerrie was an announcer at Granada’s northern transmission centre (May 2000 – 28th October 2002). She joined as a trainee announcer, after graduating in film, media and communication from Sheffield Hallam University. Hr continuity announcements were heard on Border, Granada, Yorkshire and Tyne Tees. She was a regular promotional voice for the Wellbeing Channel and was also heard occasionally on regional promotions made in Leeds. Kerrie moved from announcing to weather presenting after regional continuity ended on ITV.

Vicki was a continuity announcer with Channel 5 (dates TBC). She had previously provided continuity links for Living, Living 2 and Sky 1.

James joined BBC Scotland from Grampian in the mid-1970s. He perhaps holds a little place in presentation history for two reasons: he was the first BBC Scotland announcer to use the COW (Computer-Originated World) globe in 1985 – as a result, he started his shift in the early evening calling the channel “BBC Scotland” but changed the name back to “BBC 1 Scotland” when the new ident appeared at 7pm; he’s also quite possibly the last BBC announcer to have uttered the phrase “trade test transmission” – this was on a Saturday afternoon in 1987 when BBC Two Scotland closed down between the OU and coverage of a Scottish party conference.

James left BBC Scotland Presentation in the late-1980s. He went freelance and moved to Leeds. He worked for BBC North East and West Yorkshire FM.

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Donald was an accomplished actor. He was a relief BBC TV in-vision network announcer (1952 – 1953, 1955). He later announced at ATV in London at the weekends. Gray also provided the voice of Colonel White in the cult 1960s children’s television classic, Captain Scarlet.

Donald died on 7th April 1978.