Glen is a voiceover artist/presenter who found fame with his knowledgeable introductions to Dr Who, Blake’s 7 and other cult shows on UK Gold.

His first television appearance was in 1996, providing in-vision continuity on UK Gold and fronting his own Before They Were Famous-type show – Familiar Faces.  In 1997 he had a close shave with Rod Hull and Emu in the series A Flare for the Seventies.

He has worked on screen with Elisabeth Sladen (The Sarah Jane Adventures), Leslie Grantham, June Brown and Gretchen Franklin (EastEnders) and wrote a specially shot episode of EastEnders for them.

Glen joined UK Gold in 1993 and became the voice of the channel in it’s very first year; he remained there until late-1997.

He then moved to BBC TV, providing continuity for network BBC One and BBC Two.  He was also one of the core team of announcers at the launch of BBC Choice.  During his time at the BBC he featured in Welcome to Digital with ‘Loose Woman’ Kaye Adams, where he was bound, gagged and kidnapped!

He moved from BBC TV to Channel 5 in 2003, providing live continuity and attracting a new fan base since.  He was somewhat amused at his Facebook fan club, mainly thanks to Neighbours fans.  Unsure who he was, they labelled it ‘The Channel 5 pre-/post-Neighbours announcer man is awesome’.