On this page, the Showreel team will post requests for help in identifying announcers, voiceover artists and presenters.

We recognise that there are still lots of names and faces missing from the site. Please be patient with us whilst we build up our database during 2019.

Do You Recognise This Voice?

Help us identify the BBC One announcer in this clip from August 1989. Sounds suspiciously like a BBC Scotland announcer, on loan to London.

BBC/ITV/C4/C5/Sky Announcers

Over the last few years, there have been lots of new voices popping up and we’re struggling to keep up! If you are one of those voices and you don’t see your name listed on our site (use the Search facility to confirm), then please drop us a line and we’ll create a profile page for you.

Announcers on Other Satellite/Cable Channels

If you’re an announcer or a promotion voiceover artist on any of the many other TV channels out there, we’re every bit as keen to hear from you.

Irish TV Channels

And keeping up The TV Room’s tradition of covering UK and Irish TV, we’d like to hear from any announcers – past or present – from RTÉ, Virgin Media TV and TG 4.