Showreel began life on the now defunct The TV Room + website back in 2003.  The content was spread across two sub-sections: TV Announcers and TV Presenters.  The pages featured text-based profiles and image galleries of television continuity announcers and presenters.  This was still the early days of the internet and the profile pages were rather primitive by today’s standards.  By late-2005, a completely revamped The TV Room + had moved to a more sophisticated, database-driven set-up.

In early 2006, the existing content was enhanced with additional material from The Continuity Booth website, which was closing down.  TCB contributor Paul R. Jackson also made the move across to The TV Room + and has contributed a lot of valuable written and photographic content over the years.

May 2011 marked the beginning of a lengthy period of hiatus for The TV Room.  However, the site was relaunched in 2018 and the announcer/presenter profile content moved to a new sub-site – Showreel.  The rebranding was accompanied by a visual makeover, with the site’s pages now having a more modern look and feel.  Showreel was formally launched on Wednesday 19th September 2018.

Although documenting the evolution of television graphic design, marketing and branding has been at the core of The TV Room, our interest in the medium stretches well beyond that.  Among the many other aspects of television that we’d like to explore are the careers and contributions of the on-air talent – from the early days of television right up to the present.  And that’s what Showreel is all about.

We strive to be as accurate as possible and invest a lot of time in research.  Unlike certain other sites, our content is not open to editing by the masses.  However, readers are free to post any additional information they may have – as a ‘comment’ – on any of our pages and we’ll update our editorial, where appropriate.

We have worked with many announcers and presenters, who have assisted in various ways, including contributing additional background information, images and video.

Showreel is currently maintained by a small team of television enthusiasts.  Paul R. Jackson continues to be a significant contributor.

If you would like to assist with this project, have a keen interest in the subject, and can demonstrate good writing skills, then we’d be delighted to hear from you.

The Team

Site Editor:Michael McGonagle
Senior Profile Writer/Researcher:Paul R. Jackson
Graphic Designer:Martin Anderson